December 11, 2011

Translate This! 1.7.5 No Restart










Translate the whole entire page or just a selection using Google Translate.image




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About this Add-on

ALERT: Google has disabled the "free" Google Translate API, this basically breaks most of the functionality of this addon. However, the translate whole entire page function still works.
I will be looking for an alternative to fix the addon. Perhaps the solution might be donations so I can afford to pay for the paid version of the API.
Easily translate small sections of a page or the whole entire page with a simple click.
How to use:
Click the Translate button in your addon bar to translate the whole entire page.
Opposite click on any link to translate that link.
Settings (the way to open the settings panel has changed in this version):
Opposite click on the translate button in the addon bar to bring up the Settings panel.
Available settings are:
Change your language by inputting a valid language code.
Open translated pages in a new tab or the same tab.
Change the keyboard shortcut to something that you want.
Note: Because of limitations of Google Translate, translating the whole entire page if the page is HTTPS or a local file will not work.
Known Issues (please read before posting a review):

  • If the path to your Firefox profile is long enough then may get an error like:
    "Translate This! could not be installed because Firefox cannot modify the needed file"
    This will be hopefully fixed when this bug is addressed:
  • On Mac and Ubuntu right-clicking on the Translate button could cause the context menu to show up, even though it is not supposed to.
  • Opening the settings panel is clunky and hard to use, this will be fixed in a future version.








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