October 26, 2012

App Spoofing On Bada 2.0 | Badapps.ru

This is a long method and there is a short method too and it will be posted soon the site within a day or two.

How to:

Install The Certificate
1) The first thing you need is to download the archive from here
2) Extract and go to the folder BadaAppsSignature, you will see a certificate called BadaCertificate.cer
Transfer this cert file to your phones memory card.

3)From the phone open My Files and browse to the certificate we you just transferred in previous step and click on it to install this certificate. Click yes on the prompt.

Now install real game or apps:

4) Get any unmodified game/app, extract it somewhere say for example on desktop.

5) Now run BadaAppsSignature.exe

6) Click on the button highlighted in red.

7) Now give path of exe file of the game (found in the Bin folder of the game/app)

8) Click to open, and press the button highlighted in red:

9) Go to the folder with the game/app. If the step 8 was successful, you will see 2 files in the main folder of the app/game:
Signature.xml  and  Signature(2).xml

10) Delete the Signature.xml

11) Now Rename the Signature(2).xml to Signature.xml.

12) Go to the folder Info, you will find a file Appinfo.sys, open it with notepad.

13) Copy the AppId just like highlighted in the red color in above image.

14) Rename the main folder of the game/app with App Id

15) Connect phone to PC in Mass Storage mode.

16) Copy the folder you just renamed and paste it on the following path:
Memory Card => Others => __@@ bada_applications @@__

17) After pasting the app/game folder to the above mentioned path disconnect your phone.

18) On your phone, change the installation location from the phone to Memory card. (Every time you have to do this coz as you connect your phone in mass storage mode installation location changes automatically to phone memory)

19) Again reconnect your phone normally to PC i.e. Kies mode

20) In BadaAppsSignature , go to the second tab of the program, enter the AppId you copied in Step 13 in the box below, click on the dropdown and select the item and click the button (highlighted in red in the image)

And finally you have successfully installed the game/app.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72WabbBhgWg
Submitted by agent-x
Courtesy: badapps.ru

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