October 14, 2012

Connectify Dispatch | Combine Multiple Internet Connections


Connectify Dispatch is groundbreaking PC software that lets you connect to all available Internet connections simultaneously, for their combined speed, and increased reliability.

 Giving you the fastest Internet connection speed: use any number of 3G, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet links at the same time, for their combined speed.

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Create Wi-Fi Hotspots
1: Connect your computer to multiple Internet connections Activate your 3G/4G device, plug into Ethernet, and connect to one or more Wi-Fi networks (additional Wi-Fi networks require additional USB Wi-Fi cards)
2: Set priorities for each Internet connection in Dispatch
Use the dropdown menus for each Internet connection to give Dispatch a hint on how often it should use your Internet connections.
3: Press ‘Start Local Dispatch’ button to start combining connections!
Start running Connectify Dispatch and you’ll instantly be cruising the web at warp-speed! Your streaming, web-surfing, and even BitTorrent downloads will be intelligently handled by Dispatch for the fastest possible browsing experience!
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  • Connection aggregation technology: Use all of your Internet connections for their combined bandwidth. Dispatch supports all common Internet connection types, including Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, Ethernet, and Dial-up.
  • Platform support: Currently available for Windows 7, XP, and Vista
  • Cost-awareness: Set priorities for Internet connections so that more expensive connections like 3G/4G will only be used when cheap or free connections become slow or disconnect.
  • Dispatch Analytics Dashboard: Friendly and detailed statistics and graphs show you which Internet connections you are using, and how fast they really are.
  • Avoid Common Problems with Internet Connections: Avoid slow DNS servers to make your browsing experience even faster
  • Application-Aware Connection Selection: Advanced settings control which individual programs utilize each Internet connection

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  1. There are other software solution for combining multiple internet connections even better than connectify. i combined my 3g and lan connections using inetfusion from clusterlinks.com. it worked fine without the need for any configuration at all. most importantly inetfusion has a better affordable price