March 11, 2012

Tomahawk - The Social Music Player





    Multi-Source Content Resolution

    Stop chasing your music across different machines, services and websites. It's time to take the work out of "play". If the song you want to listen to is in your local library, it just plays. If the song is on a remote machine, it just plays. If the song is on the web, or available from your subscription service, it just plays. By abstracting a piece of content's metadata from its file location, users can easily share playlists, listening history and more. It's sort of like Wonka Vision, Tomahawk will reassemble it on the other side. OK, maybe that's not a good analogy... but it's just as delicious.

    Automatic Playlists & Custom Radio Stations

    Yeah, it's like a "genius" playlist... only smarter. We thank our friends at the The Echo Nest for the "smarter" part. You want an upbeat station that only plays obscure songs from artists similar to your favorites? Or, maybe you want the most popular songs that fit the description "moody"? Perhaps you have just heard about a new genre called "foamcore" and want to see what the fuss is all about? Whatever you are seeking, we've got the knobs and dials to find it for you.

    Friendly & Accessible

    Connect to your friends via Jabber, Google Chat and Twitter. See what they are listening to directly in Tomahawk (yeah, it scrobbles too)... or better yet, listen along! Just login with your Jabber account from all of your machines and get remote access to stream your entire library from wherever you are. Why wait for days while your library uploads a "locker" that may not even exist tomorrow? Whenever you add new content to one of your libraries, it is instantly available to all the others. What can be easier than that?!

    Playlist Importer

    By embracing the wonderful XSPF standard (pronounced "spiff") for playlists, metadata from playlists from all over the web - and other media players - can easily be imported into Tomahawk. Any content that you have available in Tomahawk will be used as the source for the songs, any songs it can't match will be displayed but just skipped. As you add more sources, content and resolvers - those playlists will continue to "fill out" over time.

    What? Your current media player or music subscription service doesn't let you import and export your playlists as .xspfs? Tell them you want it. Not only is it good for you, it is good for data portability in general.

    Small, Fast and Focused

    Think of it as "antiTunes". It's a music player that is optimized for one thing... to play music. It doesn't play video or sync your calendar and address book or help batch-rename your MP3 collection. There are better tools for that. Tomahawk is focused on being the best solution for enjoying, sharing and discovering music.

    Cross Platform

    A Mac connected to Windows machine connected to a Linux machine? Sure... no problem. Tomahawk is built using Qt & C++, so whatever your platform of choice, we've got the goods. Betas are now available for OS X, Windows & Linux... so, what are you waiting for, a written invitation? Oh, you are? OK, here you go: Please join us in the downloading of Tomahawk and join us in the fun! Good times await.

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    Extensible & Open Source


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