March 11, 2012

Microsoft Research Cliplets (32 bit/64 bit)

imageWhat Are Cliplets?

A still photograph is a limited format for capturing a moment in time. Video is the traditional method for recording durations of time, but the subjective "moment" that one desires to capture is often lost in the chaos of shaky camerawork, irrelevant background clutter, and noise that dominates most casually recorded video clips.

Microsoft Research Cliplets is an interactive app that uses semi-automated methods to give users the power to create "Cliplets" -- a type of imagery that sits between stills and video from handheld videos. The app provides a creative lens one can use to focus on important aspects of a moment by mixing static and dynamic elements from a video clip.


Microsoft Research Cliplets is provided free of charge and without official support. However, if you have questions or issues, you may find help at the Cliplets Forum, which is monitored by the developers and provides community-based support. You may also want to view our Tutorials.



Cliplets works with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7.


Download for 32-bit Windows

Download for 64-bit Windows

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