July 29, 2012

Airtel trick for Android | Opera

  • Activate airtel Internet settings.
  • If you don't have it, Just send MO to 543210. Then you will get configurations from Airtel.
  • Download and install opera Mobile for Android. If you don't have it, click here to download from Android Market.
  • Open Opera Mobile and type opera:config in the address bar and press go.
    Free Internt on Android Devices
  • Now you will get preference editor.
  • Scroll Down and click Proxy.
  • Now scroll down again and you can see the fields to enter HTTP and HTTPS server.
  • Now you can provide the required proxy server there in the format proxy:port.
    If you want to input a proxy and port 80
    Then you can enter it as
  • If you provided proxies, Scroll down until you get Use HTTP and Use HTTPS and tick both check boxes.
  • Now scroll down and press SAVE.
    Done editing proxy.

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