January 22, 2012

Simple Mail 2.80.2


Mail client (POP3/IMAP/SMTP) for Firefox.

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About this Add-on

Simple Mail is a mail client for Firefox. It allows you to get notified, read and write messages for multiple email accounts inside Firefox.

WARNING: Simple Mail addon is not compatible with Java Quick Starter addon, so you have to disable JQS.

Configure one or more accounts in Preferences, set account refresh time and get notified of new mail. When new mail arrives, Simple Mail shows new messages count in status bar. You can click Simple Mail icon to open received messages in a separate browser tab. Also Simple Mail has a toolbar button, which you can put on toolbar to access SM easily.


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* Accounts
o Multiple email accounts
o POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols
o Automatic checking on specified timeout
* Address Book
o Autocomplete box suggests recipient names/addresses as you start typing them
o Groups of contacts
o Display Address book in main Simple Mail window
* Folders
o Create custom folders
o Drag-n-drop folders and messages into folders
o Use filters to automatically sort incoming messages into folders
* New message composition
o WYSIWYG editor. Customize font/color of your message
o Smiles. Use predefined smiles or easily add your own
o URLs are automatically converted to hyperlinks as you type them
* Appearance
o Right-click on toolbar to choose "icons/text/icons and text" mode
o Additional columns for folders can be turned on (unread/total/size)
o Switch window layout by clicking on an icon in the top-right corner
* Other
o Store your mailbox on a Flash drive
o Sort messages by clicking on column headers
o Hide counter on toolbar when there is no mails
o You can switch icons style between old and new
o Button for insert image in the message body
o Column read / unread with sort direction
o Show email counter as in status-bar, in button toolbar
o Transparent, normal or classic Popup message
o Custom popup message timeout
o Export function now export messages in subfolders
o New function Archive : you can archives your mails in a file (it can be put in the Thunderbird mail folder to be opened), a Zip file, or in an archive folder in Simplemail. You can archive all your mails (associated with a account) or only mails in a specified folder or mails before a date.

Use filters to automatically dispose incoming messages. Each filter consists of a set of rules and a set of actions. Rules are matched against incoming message properties and on success actions are executed. You can use filters to:
* Move messages of different accounts into different folders
* Turn on "Download headers only" mode and create a filter to fully download messages only from contacts in your address book
* Mark important messages with red color
* Play different sounds for messages from different senders

If you want to test some news features, download the Beta version in the Development Channel.
For instance this the
BETA7 version which includes :
- ADDED : postal address and phone in AddressBook
- FIXED : Now work with Yahoo IMAP
- FIXED : Problem with duplicate signature
- ADDED : Support of SMTP Authentification (STARTTLS)
- FIXED : You can't receive email with IMAP under Firefox 7
- ADDED : you can now send AND/OR view mails in plaintext
- ADDED : you can select a mail with right-click for deleting without opening it
- ADDED : New icons Oxygen by David Vignoni
- FIXED : Mark as read option with zero fill in mark email as read immediatly
- FIXED : Options windows won't close if open without the Simple Mail main window open (aka under add-ons page)
- FIXED : Problems with "Email not found on the server"
- ADDED : Management of acknowledgments
- ADDED : Filter work on messages already received

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